General / 28 September 2021

In Remembrance of Aron Eisenberg.

His honour as an officer of the Federation unimpeachable.

His honour as a Ferengi, well, you all know how that goes.

Not that one could consider a ‘dishonourable’ act to be a negative thing in our culture.

He was by all accounts, and yes, we checked them, an upstanding member of Ferengi society.

He lived a life that I would have sold my own moogie for. And believe me, I tried that on more than one occasion.

So rare is it to meet one who so deftly navigated a new stream of the Great Material Continuum.

Rarer still to meet one who sailed those currents not only through calm skies but survived more than one storm.

It is pleasing to know that even after all these years my people are still finding new ways forge their fortunes.

Though I must admit, I was not expecting him so soon.

Not that it matters, of course. 

His credit was good and his accounts in order.

So, welcome him we shall, here, through the Gates of the Divine Treasury.


Written 22/09/2019, the day after Aron died. 
Just a day after we last saw him shitposting with us in Star Trek Shitposting