Stationy McStationface

The idea here has been to build out the entire internal space of ‘Overwatch Station’, along with all the outer detail. Every office, every dock and every floor.
Lighting was provided in two ways – first an image of a galaxy was mapped to a plane and had an emission shader applied. This was for two reasons.
1: To give the stations reflective surfaces a view of the galaxy as if it were lightyears away from our home.
2: To give to the effect of the full luminous energy blasting up from hundreds of billions of stars. I didn’t quite achieve this objective, despite several attempts at using volumetrics to generate ‘god rays’ and the like.
The second main light source was a HDRI of space as seen from a similarly extra-galactic position. This gives the station most of its dark purple glow.
The main 'terrarium' seen in the central egg was generated within Gaea as a displacement map, then booleaned out of a similarly shaped chunk.